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About Cobbler
Who uses it?
Types of Installs That Cobbler Performs:
Architectures supported (reinstalls & netboot):
What Works?
Conceptual overview:
Details about Bare Metal Installs:
Details about Reinstalls:
Details about Virtual Installs:
Need A Picture?
Power Features:
Easy setup process:
yum install cobbler
vim /etc/cobbler/settings
cobbler check
vim /etc/cobbler/settings # maybe
Command line access is simple: Setup:
cobbler import --name=RHEL5 --mirror=/mnt/dvd
cobbler import --name=Fedora --path=rsync://foo
Create and edit distros:
cobbler distro edit --name=RHEL5-i386 --kopts="noapic x=y z=4"
Define some roles for your systems to fill:
cobbler profile edit --name=RHEL5-i386 --kickstart=/path/to/template.ks --ksmeta="somevar=1 othervar=2" 
cobbler profile copy --name=RHEL5-i386 --newname=webservers
cobbler profile edit --name=webservers --virt-ram=2048 
Map hardware to those roles:
cobbler system add --name=foosball --mac=AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF --profile=RHEL5-i386
cobbler system edit --name=foosball --ip= # DHCP reservations!
cobbler system edit --name=foosball --dns-name=foosball # DNS setup
Reinstall systems you have defined:
cobbler system edit --name=foosball --netboot-enabled=1 
cobbler system reboot --name=foosball
Also help manage updates as they relate to installation and post-installation:
cobbler repo add --name=f10-updates --mirror=http://foo
cobbler reposync
cobbler profile edit --name=desktops --repos="f10-updates"
Want to install a VM? Everything is easy, since it's centrally managed
koan --list-profiles []
koan --virt --profile=foo [...]
koan --virt --system=bar [...]
Reinstall a physical box?
koan --replace-self --system=bar
Users don't have to remember 15 different virt parameters!
We have a Web UI...
For Developers:
Release cycle: Future roadmap and plans:
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